Top 5 Careers With An MBA Degree

Posted on: May 18, 2018

With the world’s eyes on India’s growing economy today, an MBA degree is one of the most sought after degrees to secure a high paying job and a successful career. The various specialisations available are Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems etc

Here are top 5 career options for MBA graduates:

  1. Financial Manager: This occupation is a right fit for MBA students who have a knack for Finance & Accounting and take up that specialisation. The job profile includes developing financial goals for a company and overseeing the financial development of the business. Manage money and make money as a Financial Manager.
  2. Business Development Manager: A business development manager’s main role is to nurture ideas, propose them to the client and bring home business. If you have a creative bone and a knack for dealing with people, this is the right fit for you. 
  3. HR Manager: This is considered one of the most secure jobs for MBA graduates majoring in HR. Recruiting, training and retaining talent is the main forte of HR Managers. Additionally, HR managers also play a key role in drafting human resource policies for companies and aligning employees to the organisational vision at large.  If you have an eye for recognising talent and managing employees, this is the job for you. 
  4. Hospital Administrator: If you wish to pursue an MBA in Hospital Management, this is the right job for you. It requires you to manage hospital administration, interact with insurance & pharmacy personnel and oversee patient care. This profile is seeing a major boom of late and is very well paying. 
  5. Digital Marketing Manager: Digital marketing is an industry with immense growth prospects. Having an MBA in Advertising or Digital Marketing will fetch you the job of a Digital Marketing Manager. Strategy, client interaction, and campaign management is the summary of this profile. If you are looking for growth, this is the job for you.

So, those were our top 5 careers picks with an MBA degree. Pursue an MBA today and secure a great future for tomorrow.